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Who are the winning bidders in the CBRS Spectrum Auction?

Here’s the full list of winning bidders from the FCC.

John Deere is an interesting one as there are many applications in agriculture from Automatically Guided Vehicles to sensor networks, automated irrigation etc.

There’s a large number of smaller WISPs picking up licenses for their counties. It’s the first time many pof them have had the opportunity to own spectrum. With all of the immediate need for k-12 connectivity we should see more CBRS networks getting folks online I hope.

Any of our Founding Freqs in Georgia? Donalsonville, GA bought a county license. There are some really interesting potential use cases for cities. Broader coverage for staff devices, sensors, CCTV, 2 way radio etc.

Do you see any interesting bidders @shai_silberman ? There are a few Higher Ed institutions who bought licenses.

I know that some of the more rural higher-ed institutions are working on rural internet solutions and look to possibly operate their own frequencies.
Interesting about John Deere - I am waiting for Mike Moose to catch up - he also has some unique antennas designs :slight_smile:

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K-12 connectivity is a problem all over the country right now. Lower income communities are seeing average remote learning engagement of <1 day per week, versus >4 days per week if they have connectivity.

How big is the problem? A contact of mine reached out for advice on connecting 40,000 families inside the city limits of St. Louis, MO. Which shows that it’s not a solely rural issue.

Multitech recently committed to special Edu pricing for their CBRS OnGo devices.

Here in Santa Cruz our local WISP, Cruzio, has worked with the county to create a special fund to address the problem. Good things are happening.

I actually got started in wireless by trying to build a community WISP for my home village Wales during 2001. It’s an issue that has remained close to my heart.

Celona is always here to support anyone working to bridge the digital divide, if any of our Founding Freqs have projects like this they would like to tackle, please do reach out.

Hi JR,

We are based in STL and looked at a use case for law enforcement. They ended up going AT&T First Net which will pose it’s own issues. I expect them to be back to talk about pLTE

Good to know., thanks @iotfreq. Happy to connect you with the folks I spoke to in STL. The last I heard they had used CARES funding to get all the kids a chromebook and were using hotspots to solve the short term problem.

It would be interesting to hear more about how you think FirstNet vs CBRS solutions stack up for a law enforcement agency.