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Webinars, July 2020

Are you holding or attending a webinar during July 2020. Spread the word here using the following format;

Title: [Webinar Title]
Date: mm/dd/2020
Start time: hh:mm - TimeZone

Description: A few sentences explaining in more detail what the webinar will cover.


Registration Link:

An example from the Celona Webinar schedule is below.


Title: Cracking the 5G Code in the Enterprise
Date: 07/12/2020
Start time: 08:00 PST

Description: Not sure when to start looking at private mobile networks? Or, how to get ready for LTE and 5G wireless within your organization?

Join us for this webinar as we partner up with Celona to discuss CBRS private LTE and what the future holds for private 5G.

Presenters: Mehmet Yavuz, CTO @ Celona. Zachary Elias, Technical Program Manager @ IBWave.

Company/Sponsor: IBWave & Celona Inc.

On-demand Webinar

Title: Past and Future of Enterprise Wireless: DAS, Small Cells, Private LTE, Wi-Fi and 5G
Date: 07/22/2020
Start time: 08:00 PST

Description: Small cells and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) improve mobile operator connectivity indoors but the arrival of CBRS spectrum in the US promises the reliability of LTE/5G as part of private enterprise networks. Bridging the gap between all these options and building the best possible network could be daunting for any enterprise IT team or their trusted partners.

Presenters: Dr. Juanyu Bu from Communication Technology Services (CTS), Djamel Ramoul from iBwave and Mehmet Yavuz from Celona

Company/Sponsor: Celona & IBWave

On-demand webinar