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Walter Piecyk "Wi-Fi: What We Need and What We Keep Getting"

I found this an interesting read. Walter’s frustrations with how the standard has developed over the years are something we can all relate to I think. To be clear, I don’t have much time for the “Wi-Fi vs CBRS” battle folks are trying to stir up, they are complimentary technologies.

Having said that, I have certainly had many long, awkward, discussions with customers to answer why Android phones are not working consistently on their captive portal. Nobody enjoys that conversation and not having a good solution to offer is a position we all dislike.

It’s a comprehensive list of frustrations we’ve all shared over the years. Seeing them laid out in one post is quite impactful.

“Wi-Fi vs CBRS” is a battle being fought in the press. In the real world, where we are addressing practical performance issues and requirements, it is clear that Wi-Fi plus CBRS is where we’re going. Best effort traffic lives on Wi-Fi, critical traffic on CBRS.

I tend to view this as a “wireless stack” approach, with the various options handling the traffic types that suit the standard.