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Using Google Earth to show outdoor test results

As you can imagine we are busy gathering data on device performance for both indoor and outdoor networks. This week I needed to create an overview of device performance at various locations for our beta deployment at the main campus of San Jose State University

Did you know that Google Earth is a great tool for this?

Here’s a link to the “presentation” I created to show the data.

Once you open the page, click “Present” to cycle through the data.

That is a really great way to show the data. So am I reading that correctly? You had the installation at SJSU but at 3 miles away you were still getting signal through?

Thanks Rowell. Yes, 3 miles. We saw on the Google network planner that coverage extended to Communications Hill Blvd so we had to give it a shot.

It is on the edge of useful coverage but it’s a helpful indicator of fade margin over range.

The screenshot shows a green coverage area to the south, that’s communications hill. The black dot is our test location.

For the record, we don’t recommend building cells with 3 mile coverage :wink: