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The new iPhone 12 is here!

Well Freqs, we got a shiny new iPhone today, with the big news being support for 5G including Verizon’s mm wave technology. It’s too soon for n48 support but the LTE form of CBRS is fully supported.

I thought it was interesting how much stress was placed on the phrase “in ideal conditions” when discussing peak bitrates. We could all learn from that I think. Overall I was a bit confused at Apple branding this a “hi speed” event. Have AT&T and TMO muddied the marketing waters enough on 5g to make Apple focus on bitrate with Verizon? I’m not sure consumers really care right now. What do you think?

On the personal tech side, I was pretty excited to get a peek at how Apple intend to use the uwb capabilities of iPhone. Interacting with homepod being one.

Speaking of which, I loved the new homepod mini, we will definitely be adding them to the house, especially as we made the decision recently to remove all our Alexa devices. Now we just need Apple to seriously expand their support for smart home while maintaining the focus on privacy. There is a yawning chasm left by Google and Amazon in that space, it’s baffling to me that Apple have struggled to take advantage.

What did you think about the launch?