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The Frequency Daily Pulse 4/25/2022

Welcome to week 2 of the Daily Pulse!

Our first link this week might give some hope to the folks waiting for some movement from the Helium5G neutral host project. Amir Haleem, CEO of Nova Labs shared a screenshot in the community Discord of the “Proof of Coverage” mechanism in operation. The PoC incentives are what propelled growth of the Helium IoT network from 10k to 500k hotspots over the last 12 months, so they are fundamental to the success of the Helium5G project which is over 6 months behind the original schedule.

We’ll be watching for news from Enterprise 5G East this week, taking place in Atlanta on April 26th and 27th.

Verizon’s Arvin Singh talks Private 5G at the Fierce Wireless 5G Blitz event.

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