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The Frequency Daily Pulse 4/21/2022

5G in Manufacturing: Don’t Believe the Hype

Dean Bubley started an interesting thread on LinkedIn after attending a conference on 5G in manufacturing and industrial. His basic argument “5G is not the answer to everything, don’t believe the hype”, is correct. On the ground, we have always solved connectivity challenges using a wireless ‘stack’. I recommend checking out the comments in this post, there’s some smart folks sharing their experience and ideas.

Duke selects Neutral
Internet2 announced a neutral host pilot at Duke University partnering with DISH and Cisco. I’m interested to see how good the private side of this network holds up, Cisco’s offering is carrier focused, meaning the enterprise side is a patchwork of integrated 3rd party services. That’s not been a successful model for any communications service. I’ve been around long enough that I’m getting flashbacks to early CallManager days when Cisco released patches that disabled 3rd party applications, quickly followed by much finger pointing and a pissed off customer. I believe that Neutral Host for enterprise and campus will need to support the needs of the private network primarily, adding neutral host roaming capability as secondary benefit. What do you think?

There’s something in the Air(span) in the midwest
Mercury Broadband will be using CBRS Fixed Wireless Access in rural areas as part of it’s RDOF network expansion in Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and Michigan. Airspan will be supplying the RAN side of the network, it’s unclear if this is separate or in addition to the previous announcements in March regarding Mercury’s partnership with Samsung and t3 broadband.