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The Frequency Daily Pulse 06/01/2022

#Carrtrip time. Jojn FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr on the road with installation crews and tower teams in rural USA this week. This tweet came from 150ft in the air on a 5G tower in Wyoming.. Has Commissioner Carr got his rigging ticket? Love to see it!

Kajeet announced today they will use the Aether mobile core from the Open Networking Foundation as the basis of their private 5G platform. Kajeet also use 3rd party radios as part of the overall solution.

Have your say on private 6G. Deadline June 14th! Yes, I know, we haven’t got to rolling out private 5G yet but the International Telecommunication Union is taking consultations on what frequencies and technologies will be used for 6G and, for the first time, are acknowledging that private use of mobile networks should be considered. Deadline is June 14th. Thanks to Dean Bubley for noticing this was happening and summarizing the details of how you can have your say. Nice save!