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The Frequency Daily Pulse 05/23/2022

Congratulations to our friends Will and Anshel at The G2 on 5G as they celebrate 100 episodes! This week’s roundup includes news from the Big 5G event and Ericsson’s entry into private 5G.

If you’ve been looking for a Definitive Guide to 5G LANs that answers everything you need to know about 5G LANs, use cases in the enterprise, private cellular spectrum options, design considerations, device ecosystem and more, you can download it here from Celona.

What next for spectrum access? Roger Entner poses the question ahead of House consultations this week in the US House of Representatives. As intended, the CBRS system has unleashed a wave of innovation in through enterprise use of cellular technology, so we’ll be watching this carefully? What do you want to see?

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Here’s a link to my discussion with Viet Nguyen on twitter about the Roger Entner piece. It’s fairly obvious that Roger is positioning against CBRS and similar schemes ahead of consultations with the US House or Representatives this week. The straw man arguments being constructed are flimsy at best and I’ll be taking some time later this week to fully deconstruct the more flagrantly disingenuous examples.