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The Frequency Daily Pulse 05/05/2022

5G Robots are coming to 5GLAN. Boston Dynamics announced native support for 5G in their robotics platforms this week. Celona demonstrated SpoT on our network using Cradlepoint gateways in 2021 so native support is really exciting news.

5G powered Fixed Wireless Access is one way to break the cable operators monopoly according to T-Mobile’s Mike Sievert during yesterday’s May 4th announcement. This matters, at my apartment in Brooklyn I can choose between Optimum, or optimum. I can’t get TMO or VZW’s FWA offerings yet but adding these options to the mix is really important for both consumer and business. The linked video has the announcement along with questions from industry media.

It’s Networking Field Day 28 this week, tune in to the live stream today for updates from Netbeez, GluWare and Progress. The Tech Field Day events are always of the highest quality, highly recommended.

Cinco de Mayo bonus content!
We’ll be eating Carnitas tonight courtesy of the instant pot, so tasty!