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Private 5G’s killer device? 🤖

The million dollar question…

What device will ultimately drive the widespread adoption of private 5G?

Earlier this month, Rajeev Shah joined Jon Fortt of CNBC on “Fort Knox” to chat about all things Private 5G

(and if you missed that chat: check it out here)

Rajeev explained that in the early days of WiFi, the community saw the iPad and iPhone – even more so than laptops - as being the killer device that drove widespread adoption of WiFi.

Rajeev related that back to private 5G, sharing his prediction on 5G LAN’s killer device…

Hint - Rajeev thinks private 5G’s killer device goes: beep boop, beep boop.

While we wait to see how that prediction pans out…

Let’s talk about robotics… and their growing appetite for wireless predictability & clean spectrum.

Industry leaders in supply chain & manufacturing know that robotics and WiFi don’t always get along.

So I headed out to Robotics Expo 2022 in Boston to learn more about leading edge innovators in manufacturing and warehouse automation.

Here’s a quick sampling from that trip out to the epicenter of America’s robotics industry:

In 2022, autonomous mobile robotics = $1.67 bn market.
By 2028 = $8.7 bn.

Wow. That’s a lot of picking, packing, pulling, and automating!

Huge adoption numbers in sectors like warehousing, logistics, retail and of course: manufacturing. Tailwinds for this “supply chain” robotics bonanza include:

  • fast ROI for end-user
  • tight labor market, rising wages, inflation etc.
  • flexibly integrated into modular warehouse environments
  • easily automatable tasks like picking, packing and lifting

Vendor highlights from my trip:

Boston Dynamics just added a slick new CBRS compatible, 5G modem with the latest release of Spot. There’s no doubt you’ll be seeing this more and more over the next 12-18 months.

Here’s me checking out Spot - no :poop: bag needed!

Alert Innovation’s innovative new grocery store concept.

NovaStore strips the boring, middle parts out of your favorite grocery store.

Leaving the customer more space to browse the high margin, fun parts of the store like produce, bakery, sushi, and butcher sections.

After a customer check’s out, they pull their car around to pick up their frozen, canned and dry food selection.

Another retail innovation: Simbe Robotics’ Tally.

Surprisingly, retailers don’t always know what is on their shelves.

Tally solves this by taking hundreds of photos a day inside retail stores, taking stock of what is going on and off their shelves throughout the day as employees and local distributors restock shelves.

Word on the street about robotics + WiFi

“WiFi is giving us headaches, but we’re not sure what to do about that yet.”

In Summary/beep boop:

While it’s still not clear if robotics ends up being 5G LAN’s killer device…

It’s safe to say that automation robotics & 5G LAN are a killer efficiency supercharging combo for the large enterprise leveraging automation.

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