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Our GA Launch thread

Yes! Celona is officially out of beta. US-based customers can now access the incredible power of our end-to-end private mobile network solution. We’re all excited/exhausted, none more so than our amazing engineering team. I

You can find all our own launch day content at

Frequency is about the community, so I’m going to use this thread to highlight content from the wireless community and some of our fellow freqs!

I really enjoyed reading the “short version” of our solution as written by @wirednot in this post; Celona Tees up Big on CBRS.

More to come soon!


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I can definitely recommend the Chuck and @Mehmet_Celona show on YouTube. Two heavyweights of the Wi-Fi and Cellular world in discussion with @keith Parsons . Not to be missed!!

The latest episode of the Wireless Lan Professionals podcast

Tom Hollingsworth has seen how the Celona solution matured from our first presentations at Mobile Field Day in 2019 to our GA release.

I am absolutely old enough to get the ‘Convoy’ reference in his blog about the Celona solution.

“Breaker, breaker 1-4 for a copy”. I’m getting flashbacks to the eighties, CB Radio was my first real wireless comms interest, even though there were only a few of us on the airwaves of the welsh coast back then. I’ll have to ask my Dad what my handle was.

@Andrew_Celona, myself, @rowell and @FrancoisVerges get into it on this latest episode of the Clear to Send pod.

Check out the video and watch as I go full meta and demo the Celona CBRS solution, while connected on one of our live deployments in downtown San Jose!