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Let's talk Neutral Host. Expert Panel Q&A. 25th March 11:00 PST

At the recent WLPC deep-dive sessions on private mobile networks, we were overwhelmed with questions on Neutral Host.

We know this is one of the hottest topics for enterprise wireless today so please join us on 25th March at 11am PST / 2PM EST for a Q&A on Neutral Host with our expert panel.

  • What is it?
  • What does it mean for Enterprise wireless teams?
  • What public mobile network operators are supported today?
  • When can we deploy a neutral host private mobile network?

To answer your questions we will be joined by;

Mehmet Yavuz - CTO @ Celona
Puneet Shetty - Head of Product @ Celona
Manju Manishi - Service Provider Product @ Celona
Andrew von Nagy - VP of Solutions @ Celona

We’ll be using livestorm which allows for folks to ask questions via text chat and live ‘on stage’.

This discussion on Neutral Host from LinkedIn is worth your time. 37 comments at last count…I learned some new perspectives, and new terms, hello MOSS! (Multi-Operator Shared Spectrum)