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JR's Lab : Open Source CCTV NVR

With so much interest in using CBRS for networked Video solutions from streaming to CCTV, I’m often building the initial PoC in the lab.

This week, that meant deploying an NVR to test recording of multiple streams with MicroSlicing enabled for RTSP traffic.

After some research, I settled on Shinobi, an open-source NVR that supports a wide range of cameras and industry standards like ONVIF. Using a raspberry Pi 3B+ as the host machine I was up and running in less than 60 minutes.

**Side note, I used what Shinobi called “The Ninja Method” of installation. At first login, after the install completed, the default username/password combo wasn’t working. “It’s the SuperUser account, what’s going on?”. After a pause to RTFM, it became apparent that I was trying to log into the main dashboard at http://<ip address>:8080, when I should have been accessing http://<ip address>:8080/super. Success! Now I can create a standard user account.

It’s a pretty impressive platform with an active community. Pro support is also available.

What’s in your lab?