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'It feels like the future' : RealWear HMT-1 on CBRS

Over the last few weeks, JR’s Lab has been testing the RealWear HMT-1 headset on Celona CBRS.

Using the InseeGo Mifi 8000 as a USB-C tethered modem we have successfully connected the headset and created a MicroSlicing policy for MS teams. Read more….

From my days working with remote teams at events across the world, the value of real-time video collaboration via something like the RealWear headset is clear. Field engineers could have enjoyed ‘over the shoulder’ support from specialists in seconds on everything from correct fiber patching to device troubleshooting.

As I say in the document, ‘It feels like the future’.

How could your team benefit from this type of technology?

Have you tested other USB adapter with the headset like the Amit IDG120, Sercomm Wingle or SMA Wave 3010-F3?

Was just a thought to stream line the setup like the modules realware offers for LTE but none were band 48 supported.