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Hey folks!

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I am Jeremy “JR” Rollinson, Technology Marketing Engineer at Celona and one of the Community Team for Frequency.

As TME I get to be one of the public faces of our engineering team’s hard work. Day to day that means preparing and delivering customer demos, testing new devices with our platform and exploring new use cases for CBRS networks.

I first heard about Celona in 2019 while I was researching CBRS vendors for use in building large, temporary, event networks. Delivering reliable, wireless connectivity for events had been my focus for over 16 years.

Figuring out how to deliver carrier-grade WiFi to an audience of 100,000 people while also using WiFi to run Point of Sale, access control etc was a fun challenge. It’s the kind of work that demands as much creative thinking as technical expertise and has prepared me well for my new role at Celona.

Home is Santa Cruz in California, which is a long way from our small family farm in Wales, I’m still blown away by the fact I live in a place that has palm trees!

  • Favourite TV show: What we do in the Shadows
  • Favourite drink: Tea (obviously, I’m British)
  • Favourite Sport/Team: Rugby - Wales, Football - Liverpool FC, reigning champions of the World, Europe and English Premier League.
  • Favourite website: Imgur or Reddit

I’m often asked if I met famous people working on these big music festivals. Not many, we “don’t talk to the talent”. I did insult Christian Bale at Austin City Limits though, I didn’t know “Batman” was behind me!!

Hello! I echo JR’s welcome to folks joining in and participating in our Frequency Community. My name is Brian White, Director of Systems Engineering here at Celona. I am directly involved with customers who are considering Private LTE/5G networks using CBRS.

I have been involved in wireless LAN technology since about 1996 testing both 900MHz and pre-standard 2.4GHz for healthcare applications (paperless medical records on mobile carts–quite ahead of the time to be honest). After moving to Seattle in 1998, I took on a role at International Network Services joining Microsoft IT’s network engineering team in a staff augmentation role. In early 1999, Bill Gates announced publicly that the Redmond campus was going to be deployed with the newly ratified 802.11 and I joined the small team that handled this design and deployment (and I remember being in meetings trying to figure out the WEP key rotation and what ended up being the adaption of 802.1x to be used with WLAN) By the end of 1999 we had deployed about 3500 APs across Microsoft’s Redmond campus using Aironet AP340 802.11b APs.

Just after that I spun out of Microsoft, still with INS working on network and security projects for Washington Mutual, Honeywell, and Nortel at AT&T Wireless.

In 2004 I joined Aruba Networks as one of their first batch of SEs (eventually a CSE) and worked on large global deployment projects for Microsoft, American Express, Safeway, Nordstrom,, and others. After 11 years, I left to help relaunch AirTight Networks into what became Mojo Networks. As VP of Product Management for the Enterprise side of the product, we launched a completely new UI and coined the term Cognitive WiFi. After three years, we were acquired by Arista Networks in 2018.

My interest in this space came after some “catch up” discussions with a couple old friends and colleagues who now form the Celona management team. We worked together for many years at Aruba Networks–some of us from the very early days–and I became very intrigued by the possibilities of opening up cellular technologies to the enterprise. Joining Celona in April 2020, I have been working to educate customers on the possibilities of CBRS within the enterprise, as well as working up designs–both indoor and outdoor–for specific customer use cases including healthcare, warehousing and logistics, ports, and city-wide mobility. K12 and higher education use cases are becoming very interesting as well during the age of Covid as institutions figure out how to deliver classroom experiences either in the home, or in outdoor classroom settings.

I live just outside of Seattle, WA with my wife and two daughters. We are a skiing family–my oldest daughter ski races, and my younger daughter is quite the rocking free-skier. My wife is an elite triathlete competing at Ironman Age-Group National and World Championships as well as ITU World Championships sometimes. I am a car geek and have way too many cars–and way too many of them are Italian. My wife puts up with me and my cars. :slight_smile:

We also absolutely love travel, and if I had to pick one thing that unites us as a family, that would be it.

To pick up on JR’s “famous people” comments, I said hi to Al Jourgensen (lead front man of Ministry) at Lollapalooza in 1992. I was a huge Ministry fan. He just looked at me and walked away. Thieves!! Thieves and Liars! haha…