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Freqy Friday May 14th 20201 @ 11am PDT

Join myself and @markj_Celona this Friday!

Join us to see what we have been testing in our labs during last few weeks: latest set of devices with support for private LTE/5G connectivity, applications that have been protected by Celona MicroSlicing, and never-before-seen technology integrations with our ecosystem partners.

From best practice design recommendations to indoor/outdoor performance results, we are going to keep things practical and relevant to improve your understanding of private mobile networks and how they can fit in your environment.

Your host will be Greg Yatman, Celona Growth Marketing Guru, interviewing our Tech Marketing Experts/Wizards Jeremy “JR” Rollinson and Mark “MJ” Jimenez as they run through solution demonstrations and answer your questions.

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This should be a really good one. Both Mark & JR have been hard at work testing, experimenting, and generally looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what we can do when mixing Celona gear and the kit from our ecosystem partners. It’s gonna be Freq-y!