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Detroit to Ann Arbor on 'Tech Track'

“The development of the first dedicated digital roadway for connected vehicles is underway along Michigan Avenue from Detroit to Ann Arbor — powered by a team of local, national, and international designers, innovators, disruptors, and technologists.”

This deep dive article popped up in my news alerts as it mentioned CBRS. There’s an impressive co-ordination effort being undertaken at State and local level, with business support from the likes of Ford, GM and Google (via their subsidiary of a subsidiary Canvue).

They expect to have a working demo running inside 24 months with construction starting soon after.

Without the right connectivity and edge compute autonomous driving will remain a distant dream so this it’s good to see practical steps being taken.

I know some of our Freqs are Tesla drivers, would you feel more comfortable with full autonomy if you knew ‘the road’ was communicating status updates directly all the vehicles around you? @Ozer_Celona loves Auto-pilot, what do you think?