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Daily Pulse 4/20/2022

Decentralized wireless startup Pollen Mobile announces seed funding round including DISH Wireless. Expands coverage of it’s CBRS network availability from SF & NYC to USA wide. Pollen is focused on building a privacy focused alternative to existing carrier networks, they haven’t ruled out the neutral host model pursued by Helium5G but their whitepaper indicates a greater focus on connecting industrials like autonomous vehicles.

Athonet and BearCom announce partnership to address healthcare, education and smart city markets. Bearcom are a long time Motorola two way radio partner and have deployed their CBRS system for K12 during COVID, perhaps this indicates weaknesses in that platform on the data side? What radios will Bearcom be using in this new approach? The article does not make that clear.

Verizon Places $40m bet on Casa systems Mobile Edge Compute. Verizon is taking 9.9% stake in Casa systems as well as placing a multi-year purchase contract for it’s 5G software based core services beating out competition from the usual carrier vendors like Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung as well as other like Cisco and Microsoft.