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Community broadband project in Seattle using LTE

I started my wireless journey by trying (and failing) to get a community broadband project off the ground in Wales 18 years ago, so I read this medium post with interest.

I’m a strong believer in community owned utilities, whether water, power or Internet, so I love to see communities building better solutions. The current US legislation has created an environment where monopoly providers could under invest and ignore lower-income communities. I don’t blame them, they are businesses, that is low to zero margin service that shareholders are not interested in.

There are alternatives, It doesn’t have to be that way. Back in the UK we introduced legislation that enshrined competitive access to the BT network we, as taxpayers, helped pay to build. It’s far from perfect but it helped. It means that we have ubiquitous access to broadband across the UK, starting at $20/mth. Whereas in America, families are forced to choose between food and cable.

In the scramble to connect our kids and communities to learning and work opportunties, everyone has a role to play. I’m really proud that Celona is working with partners and education administrators to help make that happen.

Tell us, what’s happening in your community?