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Celona Network Planner: Q&A

After trying out the Celona Network Planner for the first time, I spent quite a few hours investigating what I could with CBRS at sites and facilities I know really well.

The network planner tool is really easy to use and delivers results in seconds but what is going on under the hood?

Our own @Andrew_Celona von Nagy has written an excellent guide you can access here, there’s also an accompanying video if you’d like to see a walkthrough.

If you have any questions about the planner, or specific results, reply to this topic.


The Celona Network Planner is a great tool! What would it take to be able to do the following:

  1. Show the coverage on a per-sector basis?
  2. Save previous surveys
  3. Allow customization of use use cases (Bit Rate/Latency/Upload & Download) using sliders?
  4. Export the survey to import in to GoogleMaps/Earth

Good questions @iotfreq. Our VP of Engineeing @suparna_celona has the answers.