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CBRS Webinars in August [add yours here]

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Webinar Title: Telit and Multitech present: Why OnGo Dedicated Cellular CBRS Networks are a Game Changer for Commercial and Industrial Enterprises.

Date: Tuesday 11th August 2020
Time: 11:00 (ET)
Registration Link: Register Here

The growing number of wireless connected devices is driving new requirements for different industries that traditional public mobile cannot address. Many organizations are addressing these escalating requirements by turning to private LTE, a dedicated wireless network separate from the wide-area macro mobile network. Telit is a promoter and enabler of this movement bringing decades of cellular leadership to help you securely deploy and scale a new generation of private LTE-based IoT solutions. Join us to understand how to create a strategic plan to scale your IoT deployment, and hear from partner MultiTech Systems to learn more about CBRS use cases across multiple verticals and the factors driving enterprises to deploy their own OnGo networks in the CBRS band.

Webinar Title: Back to School: Private LTE and 5G in Higher Education

Date: Wednesday, August 19th
Time 08:00 PST

[Register Here](

CBRS spectrum in the US allows for higher education institutions build and operate their own private mobile networks. Based on the LTE technology today and 5G in the future, it allows for the replacement of cost-prohibitive cabling infrastructure outdoors with significant wireless coverage characteristics, delivering significant TCO benefits.