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CBRS event network installation at WLPC 2020

In this (officially the very first) episode of JR’s Lab, during WLAN Professionals Conference 2020, Jeremy Rollinson is documenting the installation of Celona’s (again very first) network at a public event with two CBRS based LTE access points. Featuring Shaun Bender (for thumbs up/down), Jussi Kiniviemi (as the main spectator), Andrew von Nagy (with the assist) and Keith Parsons (as our host).

Make sure to visit WLPC here:

I really enjoyed preparing for WLPC and making this video. It was the perfect use for my event skills and a really good test of the Celona Platform’s ability to deliver a stable wireless network in a matter of minutes.

This time took me around 45 mins of active installation time, the hardest part was getting the venue to provide a “Dry” VLAN between the reception area and our demo room. The on site support team were really helpful, and very interested in our ability to cover such a large space with just 2 Celona APs.

After spending 16 years creating communications networks for all kinds of events across the world, it felt great to be able to leverage those skills in my new role as Technical Marketing Engineer for Celona.

As the last in-person event I attended pre-COVID, and the first one since joining Celona, it feels more like a milestone than ever.