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Welcome to our community. We have one rule: Be excellent to each other.

'Be Excellent to each other'

We believe in the positive power of community, we want Frequency to be a place where we can discuss ideas, make new friends and learn from each other in a safe, friendly, supportive environment.

Our one rule ‘Be Excellent to each other’ is inspired by Noisebridge, one of the world’s original hacker spaces, based in San Francisco.’ Yes, they were inspired by the movie “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.

What does “being excellent” mean in the Frequency community? It’s more than an exhortation to be nice to each other, it means being mindful of our words, considerate of others’ wellbeing and respectful when we disagree. It is not a grading system for how interesting a post may be, we have other awards for that!

So, before hitting send when you reply to or start a topic, take a moment to think “Am I being Excellent?”. We appreciate it.


That’s the positive side, but what happens when people are being less than excellent?

If a post has been flagged or reported a member of the Frequency admin team will review the post and address the issue directly with the user(s) concerned.

If you have any questions please PM myself or another member of the Frequency Admin team.


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